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La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome

The Europiccola, chrome finish has evolved since it

was first introduced in 1958, but one thing has never

changed. It is, and always will be, a classic among lever

coffee machines.

Constructed chiefly of brass, and with a large boiler to

help minimise the effect of limescale deposits, the

Europiccola will keep making excellent coffee for as

long as there are coffee drinkers in your home. La Pavoni Professional - pc16s.jpg (8851 bytes)


The simple lever mechanism enables you to make coffee

exactly as you want it. Lift the lever to raise the piston,

drawing pressurised water into the filter-holder where it

infuses the coffee. By then lowering the lever, the water

is forced back down through the coffee as slowly or as

quickly as you require for your perfect strength cup

(the slower the stronger). Since all the water is heated

simultaneously, the Europiccola can make eight cups of

espresso consecutively.

Classic in look, classic in quality, the Europiccola

continues to set the standards for other coffee machines

to follow.



bulletBoiler capacity 0.8 litres, equivalent to 8

            consecutive cups

bulletBoiler pressure: 0.7 - 0.8 bar
bulletInterchangeable steam wand/automatic milk

            frothing attachment

bulletElement: 1000W
bulletDimension: w x d x h: 20cm x 29cm x 32cm
bulletWeight: 5 kg
bulletChrome finish for long life and easy cleaning


Semi Automatic:

bulletOffice, Home

            ECN   La Pavoni - Pump Machine - ECN PDF

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La Pavoni Espresso Cappucchino (ECN)

It is fitted with the special automatic cappucchino

system; the patented system easily and immediately

takes the milk directly from the container, delivering

it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup. The

machine is fitted with an automatic pressurised

filter holder Espresso Crema (Already fitted for

the use of coffee pods) interchangeable turbo

cappuccino/cappucchino automatic.



bulletHeat resistant ABS body with removable

            transparent water tank, capacity (i.e. 20 cup

            of espresso) 0,9 l.

bulletAutomatic pressurised filter holder
bulletSpecial filter for single cups of coffee in bags (pod)
bulletSteam tap with Turbo Cappuccino device
bulletSteam tap with interchangeable device
bulletTurbo Cappuccino / Cappuccino Automatic
bulletBoiler instainless steel with heating element, coffee and stem thermostats, safety valve on the boiler thermoprotector on the pump, manual reset safety thermostats - 900 W
bulletMaximum pressure of the pump - 15 bar
bulletAbsorption - 50 W
bulletHeating time - 3 min
bulletWidth, Depth, Height - 255x240x330mm.
bulletWeight - 4 Kg.
bulletPower cable length (cable can be rewound) - 1300 mm.
bulletElectrical Power


bulletPubs, Sandwich Shops:

            DOMUS BAR DOSATA   Domus Bar Dosata PDF

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                                            Domus Bar


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