Small, smart and fully automatic.

Exquisite taste with the perfect “crema” cup after cup. The new Schaerer Siena can be counted on to produce an espresso that will satisfy coffee connoisseurs everywhere. This user-friendly machine has five individually programmable product buttons to supply your particular coffee requirements. It also includes the capability for decaffeinated products to fulfil the desire for healthy alternatives. By popular request, we now offer the option of direct water connection instead of the built-in water tank. Your customers, employees, guests, business partners and friends will thank you for having the opportunity to enjoy espresso as it was meant to taste!


Technical data:
Power 230VAC, 2.2kW, 10A
Dimensions (in mm) 310 x 415 x 395 (WxDxH)
Weight approx. 20 kg
Colour Silver
Water hardness 5°– 7 °dh / 8°–12° fh
Water connection (optional) G 12” max. 2 bar
Water outlet (optional) Ø12/8mm